surprised on the response to my bucket list project.

have been very surprised on the response to my bucket list project.
There are things on my list that I have yet to do in my life but I am working on it
but if recording in Nashville with professional and having a product that is the same as a major recording artist
then this is the deal for you. This is how it works each artist will bring to songs that they have written our co-written or have found through a publisher. There we will go and record those songs and make him sound just as if you're on a major record label. Then we will have a run of CDs pressed and each artist will receive their equal share of that run
if you are interested please provide your name and e-mail address and I will contact you and thank you so much for your response
a bucket list is very important as we get up in years and we see the things we wanted to do and had not got to whatever your lists is start checking things off you be thankful that you did.
Steve Riley CMG Nashville

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