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How great are people!!

A band we met from Buffalo have come forward and not only asked if we needed help sorting out some shows in the US but also offered to help with us using their equipment

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An Interesting Day

In the last 24 hours I have tried to get in touch with Larry, our tour manager when we toured the US a few years ago.

He has since been storing our equipment and trailer on his farm in Pennsylvania with a view to aranging a return tour.


However in the meantime he seems to have disappeared, I know that there is currently a Company looking for applications to do go to Mars but I thought that was a few years off !!


His emails are being bounced back…


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We've all heard friends or characters in movies say that they wish they could change their lives.


I was in a conversation regarding this over the weekend and I would be surprised if many people want to change everything, just a tweak here and a rearrange there.


Would it be possible to decide on just ONE thing that has happened to be able to change and how would you know whether the consequences of that change would also remove all the good things in life so…


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Criminal Records

A great boost for us today as we have been included in the Criminal Records UK Club Tour which will cover the UK from the south in Portsmouth to Edinburgh in the North with 14 shows.


It should be a great time with some other great bands.

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Old Songs New Thoughts

I have always had a broad taste in music but never really understood the 70's Prog Rock.


However I saw a documentary about the Peter Genesis era Genesis last night and was amazed not so much by the music but the showmanship of the whole scene and the thought that went into organising it as an event and not just a show.


It was almost like musical theatre, combining the orchestral sounds of a full band, programming to the hilt and also the dramatics of a full…


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Mugged ?

A while ago we were asked to play at a Charity Festival event in October, we were due to perform on the Sunday but yesterday afternoon we were asked if we could do a slot on Saturday afternoon too. It's a great compliment to be asked and we don't want to let anyone down so we have said yes ( maybe a little more thought should have gone into it !! ).


However we…


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The Face Doesn't Fit

After watching the news this morning I notice that there is a new film out about the life, well controversial bit, of Princess Diana.


I can see why filmakers focus on the 'interesting' part of her life such as her affairs after the separation from Prince Charles and her death but she did so much good too which seems to be skipped over a little in the film. Is this the difference between songwriting and film making?  Many of the best song lyrics focus on the nitty gritty of…


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Another Sunny Day

Another great day over here in the UK, and the sunrise though the early autumn mist has inspired me to write a song.


It's strange how unrelated events can be brought together by a certain sight or event. This morning reminds me of the time I went camping around Europe many moons ago and we set up overlooking the beaches at Dunkirk. There was a powerful and memorable feeling of despair, hope, maiming, deaths and comaraderie  even after all the years since the…


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I still haven't really got the hang of Twitter, what is it for, soundbites in a disposable world?

There's little of meaning on there and once tweeted it has gone, never to reappear and certainly not searchable - why is it so popular?

The other thing about it is people add you then delete you a couple…


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I guess in artistic terms the question always has to be whether to be liked or to do what you enjoy doing. In some ways the latter has more longevity as if you try to conform and it's not what you want to be doing then interest wanes.

As a band we have discussed this many times, always coming out in favour of enjoying what we are doing being most important to us

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Connecting with people

It may be a strange old world where we're all linked by the web, but I still don't think we use it as it was intended, it's surely a place to find out about people around the world not just a focus on a specific topic like music or form an opinion on a picture or sound.

So.. If anyone wants to talk then it would be great to hear from you

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Performance Slot

How honoured that we are to have made the top eight, we can't make it on the 3rd September but one day not too far away we will take up our slot, and that will be absolutely fantastic

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Last night someone contacted us expressing an interest in the vacant stool, on the downside he isn't available to meet up for almost a month.

Doesn't bode well :-(

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Well another day dawns, another drummer doesn't measure up ! 

We seem to have a continual problem filling that seat, three of us have been in the band since day one, however we're now looking for our seventh ( yes SEVENTH  !! ) drummer in 6 years. 

Where have all the drummers that actually want to travel and do…


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Rock-n-Roll ain't always pretty, Pittsburgh Music Examiner USA Tour Interview 2009‏

I've recently been digging through our history setting up a new website and came across this. It's really time we returned to the US, we had a great time over there so watch this space !…


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