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More Lessons Learned

It has been a while since I posted here on things I'm learning about this business.  Not because I haven't been learning but I guess it hasn't been a priority.  What's that?  Yep... it hasn't been a priority for me. That's todays lesson.

Prioritize, organize, make a plan, work the plan and plan what to do when it succeeds or fails.

What is most important to you in your life? Me personally, I've set my priorities for life as Faith, Family and Music.  The first…


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More observation

I've spent the past several weeks really reflecting on my career and how to improve. My last blog post on "Transition" is a reflection on that. This post is really a continuation of that post more personalized for me. So, here are a few of the things I'm working on for myself.

1. Better at memorizing- this is an area I am really challenged on. I have no problems it seems with lyrics, but I really use my iPad as a crutch for chord changes. I have done so for the past oh I don't know… Continue

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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, thought I'd throw this one out there.  What does it take to transition from being a musician who plays mostly for free into one who plays medium venues and ultimately into one who fills stadiums? I am sure what I've come up with is NOT an all inclusive list and please understand I did this for my benefit to challenge myself, not to say that I know what it takes or to say I have arrived.  I'm still playing a lot of free gigs and want to get to the…


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In talking with folks working to get them signed up here on NU, I find myself explaining exactly what NU is and what it is about. I'm curious, how do you explain what NU is?


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Today is my Birthday.  Time to reflect on the past year for me.  This time last year I was living in Anchorage, running my own business and Pastoring a small church I had started.  I was singing out almost every weekend and my boys were beginning their 2nd year of wrestling at their Jr High.  I had just signed a deal with Tate Music Group and was working on charting all the new music out for my project.  My wife was happy working at her job and life was pretty good.  For me I was beginning…


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Yesterday afternoon, I drove out to Clarksville for a wrestling match. Two teenage girls rode with me as they are kinda sweet on my boys so they wanted to go watch. On the way there, one of the girls started asking me questions on how to become famous, how to get a fan base and my favorite, "how do I put up a Youtube video and get famous like Justin Bieber?"

First thing I told them was I wished I knew a "secret formula" or means to becoming a big name in this industry, however, the… Continue

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This has been quite a week here at work.  The place I work at has been run by a board of individuals who didn't know what we really do.  The board tried to do what I would call a hostile takeover and push the founder out.  Fortunately, he stood up and took the company back from the board.  What that means to me, I am now managing the front counter of Jacob's Well Community Cafe.  If you were not aware of it, I had my own coffee shop in Alaska so I am going back to something I know very well,…


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Are you ready to vote?

Hi folks,

I don't know about you but I am excited about the NU Awards Show. I hope each of you will take the time to vote and spread the word to your fan base and to the world. I think this is going to be an incredible event and I for one am going to do all I can to get the word out to my fan base. If you are new here or maybe you've been around for a while, I'm asking you to consider voting for me. I have been nominated in four categories and would really appreciate your… Continue

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I've had a wonderful week of attending concerts. Truth be known, This week I've attended more concerts then I did in the past 7 years living in Alaska. I'm almost overloaded with evertying I've heard and observed this week. A few thoughts from the week for anyone who wants to hear 'em.

1. If I was to only attend one concert or event a year, folks go to the CMA Songwriter's Series. The music was genuine, fun, pure entertainment and fantastic!

2. The CMA Awards Show was a… Continue

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This has been an incredible week and I feel tremendously blessed. The first thing that was unexpected was to get to attend the CMA Songwriters Series with Kaylyn Lowe.  We had a blast, the writers were incredible, the venue was awesome and it truly inspired me to want to do much more with my writing.  Thank you NU

Yesterday afternoon, I shot a message to NU Michael and the next thing I know, he asked me what my plans were for the evening.  Pretty easy, Bible Study, a couple…


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I'm learning more and more about writing.  It is fun, yet a big challenge for me.  A special thanks to NU for putting out the challenge and to Joseph Page for helping me get started.  I had the opportunity last week to talk to a gifted writer who shared with me some things that helped him.  I am looking forward to taking a class very soon.  Funny thing is as a Pastor for many years, writing is easy for me, but not when it comes to making the words match with a rhythm and meter.  I will be…


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Lessons I'm Learning

Well... I've played this venue before here in Indiana, the last time, they rocked the promotion and so did I.  We had a full house.  Tonight, I showed up, I've been promoting the show on my FB page and webpage, but when I pulled in no cars, no fliers, nothing to show there was a show tonight.  I went in and checked in with the manager, the owner wasn't in. The manager said, "Oh ya, I wasn't sure if you were really booked tonight or not.  I talked with ____ the owner and he thought he booked…


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Exposure Vs Money

I just agreed to drive to Indiana to do a free concert. Short notice, no pay, it will cost me a hotel and gas, so why did I do it? In short, it is great exposure and in front of the right audience for me. I will also have a merchandise table and someone to run it for me. Will it end up paying for itself? I hope so, but if not now, I do believe it will over time. I'm in this for the long haul and I feel like a sacrifice now, will add up to greater rewards down the road. If I do a great show for… Continue

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Making a living

I am new to the music business. I have been singing my entire life but performing for the love of music and then trying to make a living at it are two very different things. I am also learning about writers and how difficult it is for them as well. We live in a fantastically connected world. Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and the list goes on. One of my songs off my first album I did a simple little YopTube video for has received somewhere near 300,000 hits. One of the two writers… Continue

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Interview Question

A question that comes up a lot in interviews that I do.  "What advise do you have for someone trying to make music their career?"

I'm asked that enough, which by the way, I kinda think is funny because I'm just trying to figure this business out myself, that I thought I'd write a little blog on it. See if there is anything you might add.

First thing I think that is very important.  Hone your craft.  If you are a guitarist, then practice playing your guitar.…


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Thoughts on Miley

Just like you, I’ve seen the pictures, read the opinions, blogs and what seems to be a never ending media blitz on Miley Cyrus and what she is and isn’t doing.  Up to now, I’ve been sickened, amused and like many dumbstruck at her recent behavior. 

I am a dad, Pastor and a musician.  So here are a few thoughts of mine on the subject, like them or not, agree or not they are my thoughts.

As a dad, I have four wonderful children.  My oldest…


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Come on Out

Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight and singing. Dan McGuiness 7:30 for a great night of music! See ya there.

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Doug Would Love to Perform

Help me out folks and give me a like.  I'd love to perform for ya'll September 3rd.  That day is already going to be special as it is my wife and I's 25th Wedding Anniversary, but what a way to celebrate!  Give me a like and help me get into the performance slot.

Thank you!


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