A long time ago, I found that friend requests had two purposes.  First it was truly to find and network with folks with similar interests.  The second was to encourage someone who might not have had the chance to see your commodity (ie: your music/product) and what you have to offer others.

Both are valid and worthy of a friend request.  When I'm sent a friend request, I try to go by that persons' page as soon as I can and listen to their music.  BUT before I listen to ANY music, I take the time to thank them for the friend request.  Think about it this way.....this "stranger" has taken time to stop my MY page and request my friendship....even if they DIDN'T listen to MY music, something about what they saw made them take time to stop and invest in an offer of friendship!  That, in and of itself, is worthy of a response!  I don't check if they listened to my music first (in fact, I'm not sure I know HOW to do that or even if I could or would!)...I prefer instead to immediately respond in kind and accept that friendship.

I take the time to listen to THEIR music because its the HONORABLE and RIGHT thing to do!  I'm not a 100% fan of EVERY kind of music I hear, but I can always find something I like about the person's efforts.  And I don't go listen in "hopes" they will do the same.  If they CHOOSE to do so, that is wonderful.  I don't respond in hopes they will respond to my music, but if they CHOOSE to, again that is not only wonderful but VERY humbling!

So far here I have heard some stunningly AMAZING people and am just blown away by the amount of talent out there.  It makes me feel "small" because there are SO many of us working hard to show the world who we are, what makes us tick and what God has blessed us with in abilities! And then...AND THEN....when someone offers that friendship to me, and I hear how great they are, I am simply amazed that someone took the time to listen to little ole' me!

Don't misinterpret my comments as me not thinking my music is not worthy enough to be anywhere.  I think its worthy and I know how HARD it is to try to get folks to notice your work and THAT is why I am amazed!  What an incredible thing to find at least one person in this celestial ball who took notice of me among a sea of other AMAZING people!

So the next time you "friend request" someone, remember, you have deeply touched and honored a life in a very PROFOUND way!  Sometimes that request becomes the inspiration to KEEP trying!

So thanks for the "FRIEND REQUEST"!

May YOU be the one BLESSED for the GIVING of the offer of FRIENDSHIP!

Hugs from Oklahoma!


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Comment by Paul Pez Zukowski on December 19, 2013 at 10:31pm

No problem Im enjoyed reading it

Comment by Renee Lappin on December 19, 2013 at 5:47pm

Thank you for the comment Paul....I appreciate you taking time to respond to what you read in my blog.

Comment by Paul Pez Zukowski on December 17, 2013 at 12:36pm

well said

Comment by Renee Lappin on December 16, 2013 at 8:02pm
Thanks Daniel! Its a philosophy my father taught me years ago...had more to do with networking and business, but in life it applies equally well. We should ALL invest in EACH OTHER. Wouldn't our world be an AMAZING place to live if we ALL invested in each other this way?

Truly hope the Good Lord blesses you during this Christmas season and always!




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