I was 20 years old and I had no idea what I was doing. I was attending a company picnic with my Dad As we sat and listened to the band, I had a revelation to do something completely out of character. I was backwards as my Granny used to say. Anyway, while sitting among 200 people, something just came over me, before I thought twice, I jumped out of my seat saying "I'll be back in a minute".I had no idea who these guys were and I didnt care, I was on a mission. I began by asking if they would mind if I sang and I sort of knew an old bluegrass tune called FOX ON THE RUN. I had no idea what key I would be singing in, but somehow the words "can you play it in C" came out of my mouth, sounding as if I knew exactly what I was doing. This wasnt the best place or time to make a singing debut, but somewhere deep inside I realized I just had to take that leap. I managed to get through the song and I know it could'nt have sounded very good. I even lost the band at one point, but just kept right on going and they caught up to me.I was determined to finish what I had started. When the song was over, everyone applauded and I honestly thought my Dad was gonna drop over with complete shock. I was later told that the band I had never heard of ended up being one of the most popular bluegrass groups around, known today as Blue Highway. Now, as I look back, I wonder if they would remember that crazy girl at Tweetsie who tried to steal the show. Not long after, my Dad began singing and writing music which was unusual because he too was known as "backwards". I cant help thinking that my crazed attempt at singing in public inspired him to pursue his musical talent. After all, if I could do it.....anyone could. My Dad has made several Gospel albums over the years and his band, Three Top Gospel, stays booked solid every year. Everyone has a first time. Dont waste time wishing you could or thinking about it, just do it


Thought it might be time to share a little about myself...you know, the stuff you usually think you know about someone, but just are not really sure. So...here goes.

I was born and raised in Ashe County in a small community known as Creston. I lived on the peak road....right past the old Knox Knitting Mill. I have one brother, Robert, who is two years younger than me and still lives in Creston. I grew up surrounded by boys, I was the only girl and I tried so hard to be able to do everything the boys could do. Needless to say, I was a Tom Boy and still am to a certain degree. My husband is always amazed that I can go all day working and sweating along side him and then magically turn back into his beautiful wife ( as he likes to refer to me). I guess, growing up with my brother, his friends and my cousins sort of made me a little tougher female than what most men are accustomed to. Growing up, we were not allowed to go anywhere much and we used to spend our days fishing, riding motorcycles, and horses. Believe it or not, I used to ride a dirt bike pretty well although I could never out do my brother who has no fear! One thing I really beat him at was fishing and i remember him getting mad at me cause I was catching all the fish and I would trade fishing spots with him then he still would'nt catch anything. I guess one other little known Susie Q fact is that I can dip snuff and spit with the best of them, although I dont do this often!! My Mom would kill me, it makes her so sick and she says it is not attractive or lady like. I tried Red Man chewing tobacco once and I do not reccomend this as it is really nasty tasting and you get that stuck in your teeth which definately is not attractive. Skoal wintergreen was always my number one choice! Now, I know someone will just get a real good laugh out of knowing that little piece of information.

I am currently performing every chance I get in order to get my music heard. I I appreciate any and all feed back and I am always in the learning mode. I am a realistic person and my ultimate goal lies within my songwriting. I want to thank everyone who listens......

You can view pictures and comments as well as listen to Susie Q's music by following the following links:



Visit my web site


You can support Susie Q by simply liking her page http://www.facebook.com/SusieQMusic

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