It has been a while since I posted here on things I'm learning about this business.  Not because I haven't been learning but I guess it hasn't been a priority.  What's that?  Yep... it hasn't been a priority for me. That's todays lesson.

Prioritize, organize, make a plan, work the plan and plan what to do when it succeeds or fails.

What is most important to you in your life? Me personally, I've set my priorities for life as Faith, Family and Music.  The first thing for me is my faith, that means to me putting God first in whatever it is I do.  When that is right, everything else can more easily fall into place for me.  Secondly, my family.  I've been married now for 26 years, we have 4 kids and a big dog.  It is very important to me for my family to know I love them, care for them, appreciate them and will NEVER do anything to hurt them or my relationship with them on purpose.  Next for me is my music.  For me when I'm in a right relationship with my God and my family it makes playing music easier.  My wife isn't worried about me picking up anyone at the bar where I'm playing, she isn't texting me every few minutes to check up on me and that allows me to focus on what I'm there to do, and that is entertain and enjoy.  This is setting priority for my life.  

Organize: with my kids in wrestling, my music, my wife's schedule, my responsibilities at church and my music calendar organizing my week and daily activities is really important.  My boys know that there will be a few times I won't be able to see them wrestle, my wife knows that there will be some dinners missed and my church knows there will be some Sundays where I'm on the road.  But I don't ever spring things on them last second because I forgot something.  They all know what to expect from me because I keep my calendar up to date.  I used to use an organizer in a notebook but now I keep everything on my phone or iPad and they sync together with my laptop as well.  I set myself reminders constantly and review my daily schedule each night before bed.  I review my weekly schedule usually on Saturday mornings so that nothing comes up that surprises me.  Stay organized.

Make a plan, this is probably the hardest thing to do because there are so many variables and unknowns.  But do you have a plan for this next year as to where you want you music to go, how you are going to get it there?  This past year, I set a goal for myself that I would play 100 shows this year.  Right now, I have played 113 shows this past year.  Some really small, some decent sized and three really nice sized shows.  The point is my plan was to play as much as I could, be seen by as many as I could and then give the best performance I could each time.  Was every show better then the last, honestly nope, I had a few that I just wasn't 100% all there for, but I can honestly say, I did give all I had at each show, whether it was for 5 people or the 1000's.  I had a goal that I didn't reach this year, it was a pretty big one and I was told by several, "ain't no way that's gonna happen" well, that's ok.  I still shot for it and you know what, I'm closer now then I was last year, know what else?  It's gonna be back on my list this year.  It is still a huge goal and still pretty much a long shot, but I want to play the Grand Ol Opry by the end of 2015.  But folks I really believe it can be done.  I have a plan of action and I'm working that plan.  Hopefully with the work I put in and a bit of luck it will happen.  

Prioritize, organize, make a clear plan or goals and work it.  Stay with it my friends. I'm in it for the long-haul.


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Comment by Michael Stover on December 5, 2014 at 10:41am

Great post, Doug!  It'll happen...



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