Music Industry: Where do I start? (Answers for beginners)

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This is just a quick beginner's article by me, Brett Tadlock creator
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Nashville, TN is a booming southern city located on the scenic Cumberland River.
It is a vibrant Mecca of music which has earned it the nickname, “Music City, USA.”
The people of Nashville, TN are friendly and eager to welcome newcomers from around
the world, making it a very culturally diverse place to live and work.

Country Music is a beloved genre in Nashville, TN making the city a magnet for aspiring
country singers, musicians, country bands and songwriters. The world renowned Grand Ole Opry
is one of Nashville’s greatest treasures. Country Music musicians and country bands have
been performing on that legendary stage since 1925.

Although Nashville is famous for Country Music, many other types of music can be heard
in the countless clubs and studios in and around the city. Christian Music, gospel, rock,
bluegrass, and alternative are popular forms of music being recorded in studios and performed
in a variety of venues from Broadway to Music Row.

If a person aspires to become a musician, country singer, or songwriter, he or she should take
the plunge and move to Nashville TN. There are plenty of apartments, condos and homes for sale
and for rent in the metropolitan area, with styles and price ranges to accommodate almost any
taste and budget. Once the newly transplanted musician is settled in, the work must begin!

Nashville is alive with music and hundreds of hopefuls dreaming of the day when their song will
be recorded, or when they might ascend the stairs to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry to sing
with their favorite country band.

That goal has been achieved by many, but it did not come effortlessly.
Having worked with musicians both personally and professionally I can tell you that in order
to launch a career in music, being patient and persistant are two essential requirements.

Fortunately, Nashville is bursting with clubs, bars, honky tonks, coffee houses, restaurants,
and stages where musicians, songwriters, country bands and country singers showcase their
talents nightly. Those who wish to break into the business should visit these venues and
observe how the business works.

Being in clubs and having lots of late nights can
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Find a favorite spot and hang out there, networking and talking with customers and performers about the industry.
Ask questions about writer’s night, amateur night or singing and performing guidelines. Take advantage of
any opportunity that may arise. Visit recording studios, and ask for tours and advice about getting a song recorded,
but don't make the novice mistake of thinking they are going to be impressed with you and want to sign you without
you having proven yourself. That rarely (read never) really happens.

But again, there are many opportunities to get onto a stage in Nashville. The determined musician will become a
regular at a particular venue and ask the band for an opportunity to sing a song with them. It is surprising
how many bands in Nashville will honor that request. That may just be the night a talent scout is in the audience!
Seek out people who have connections in the music business, become their friend, buy them lunch, and ask them to
share their knowledge about how the business works but do it with a humble and serving heart. Don't just look
to move yourself forward, learn from them and their experience!

As for songwriters, there are “listening rooms” in Nashville that are known for their support and commitment to
songwriters. Almost all of those clubs have writer’s nights that are open to anyone who would like the opportunity
to have their music heard. Some of them host writer’s competitions to encourage new talent to share their work.
Playing at writer’s night is a great way to become known around town and may lead to an invitation to bigger and
better things later. Many very successful songwriters and musicians were discovered while playing an amateur
writer’s night. Also, if you're a writer but not a great singer or musician, ask others who are to play your
music for you. That way it's being presented in the best light possible.

Another side note, the Christian Music industry is bustling in Nashville TN. Those interested in Christian Music
may want to inquire about internships that are available to become familiar with the inner workings of the
Christian Music business.

The opportunities for those who wish to fulfill their musical ambitions abound in Nashville. With hard work and
determination, one can achieve his or her dream of becoming immersed in the music business. Enormous fame and
fortune are attained by a choice few in Nashville TN. They are the ones with awesome talent, unmatched
dedication to their goal, great luck, and are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

I hope this helps you with your dreams. Good Luck!

-Brett Tadlock

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