Songs are like babies. Babies are like songs. At least, that's how I view it. I guess that's just the Mother in me.
First, they are both conceived through a Miracle too big to fully comprehend. Next, they begin to take form, and providing conditions are all in Perfect order, are (both) eventually born into the world, for all to enjoy! If the 'pregnancy' (or the vessel) was healthy, and the baby (or song) was properly 'nourished' the birth then takes place.

Once the 'baby/song' is born, it is given a name, or sometimes, this happens even prior to the actual 'birth'. The name would be the 'title' of the song. Now. The baby or 'song' begins to grow...and it gets nourished. First by it's mother and/or father, (or in the case of a song, the writer/s) and slowly the beloved song-child is introduced to a world of other people.

As the baby (or song) is introduced to others, those people can have either a positive or negative effect on it's life. That is up to the parent/s to decide. If the baby (or song) is introduced to someone who is shady or shall we say, non-trustworthy, whether un-qualified, unwilling or unable, of course the parent would 'protect' it from potential harm. For a song this is usually sought through Copyright protection. In parental terms regarding an actual baby, it would be the Certificate of Live birth. Both sets of parents are then required to depend on and trust their own judgement, as to the 'best' way to nurture their infant.

Remember, the parent/s must LOVE this baby, otherwise the baby won't grow. All actions of a 'loving' parent are instinctual.
Equally so, I believe the 'author' or writer of a song, must first love his/her own song, if ever anyone else is to love it, and nurture it's growth.

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