It is amazing to me that a couple of kids at the time named Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning knocked the entire model of the recording Industry on their ass. When I lived in Nashville, there was no internet, You Tube, illegal downloading and so forth. Everything has changed for sure and we are now down to just Big 3 Labels from 6 in the 90's and hundreds of little labels. I was floored when I tried to find a CD this past Christmas and the selection was so small and it is now cheaper to buy an entire CD on iTunes or Amazon for less than $10 dollars.


I have no empathy for the recording Industry for I can recall a time when CDS were $17.99 and up with perhaps two decent songs so they screwed themselves from Greed. CDS are now mute and touring is the only valuable source of income for big artists. Who would have ever dreamt that Apple would change the Music Industry. What I don't understand however is how Spotify feels they will change the Music Industry again and recoup lost money. Legal downloading was a Godsend but who would pay to rent music? Music is different from cable TV or renting movies. I want to own the music i listen too because I never tire of hearing my favorites over and over again.


There are wonderful services such as Pandora Music and iHeartRadio which is free for you to become your own DJ just like iTunes. The power lies in yourself in regard to music just like anything else in life. I also am a recovering alcoholic and was more than saddened to hear about Whitney Houston. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, addiction doesn't discriminate and you must want recovery no different than you must want your career. I for one, don't get how Spotify will save songwriters, singers and on and on. I don't think you could pay me to pay to rent music!


For all of you with a dream, keep fighting and I hope all of your dreams come true. At issue, the absolute main issue is piracy. We now live in a world that used to be as futuristic as The Jetsons for those who are old like me and remember this cartoon. It all blows my mind but it is reality. One would think that it would be simple to track an ISP in a heartbeat and crack down on piracy. Yes, there will always be some little brainiac out there who comes up with another way to steal music but in the meantime, treat these people like criminals. It is stealing. I had counseled a woman who was in jail for 6 months for stealing a pack of cigarettes for $5.00. 6 months in jail. Meanwhile, I had asked my nephew if he believes that downloading music for free is ok. He responded, of course it is but I don't steal it, my friends do. He is only in Jr. High and some of his friends have 20.000 songs on their iPod/iPad and didn't pay a penny for them. This would be over $20,000 dollars and they see nothing wrong with it. So who cares about Spotify where the artitst or songwriter makes a penny because someone rents music on a monthly basis. Spotify won't put a dent into the problem.


How hard is it for the RIAA to have staff that tracks ISP and treat it as theft and collect the tab from stolen material that songwriters put their blood, sweat and tears into? It is criminal beyond belief. Hell, you can get a new Honda for 15k. If you stole it off the lot, you would be in jail for larceny, theft for years to come. I just don't get it. It is not Rocket Science and it is time for these millions of kids and adults to be held accountable. If you walk into Wal-Mart and actually find the one CD that is left, put it under your coat, off to jail you go. More music is stolen than purchased and yet it goes on and on. Spotify piracy and come on already!


Regardless, you can't change the world, just yourself. So keep plugging people. And especially to those who are young here. Listen to the song "We are Young." It only happens once in your life, don't take it for granted and own your career. Don't pick up the bottle over pain and frustration and kick some royal ass in life as a person and an artist. This is one woman who is pulling for all of you!


P.S. Kudos to Adele who looks like a real woman, talent off the charts and no gimmicks and just God given talent! Now that makes me smile. I have all her songs, legally!


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