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What keeps us going..?

Started by Frank Schonberg. Last reply by Wm Curtis. Apr 9, 2015. 8 Replies

I bet all of you have had times you wanted to quit.. just be a "normal" person and have a "normal" job.. what is your favorite moment/happening/thing that you have experienced, that makes you wanna…Continue

Recording Studio in Nashville?

Started by Billy Kay. Last reply by Don C Woods Jr Dec 20, 2014. 5 Replies

Can anyone recommend a studio here in Nashville where I can add the vocal tracks to an almost completed song? Thanks, BillyContinue

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Comment by Michael Kay on October 6, 2011 at 1:18pm
I believe the creator of this site puts marketing packages, EPK, etc. together for artists and I have heard he is great.
Comment by Jeff Blaney on October 6, 2011 at 1:29pm
Your right on the money Michael!  Literally!
Comment by Frank Schonberg on October 6, 2011 at 2:39pm
and that takes us back to the fact that a lot of the great artists that have inspired many of us throughout the years never would have made it today.. which is a sad thing. instead of "making" someone, the labels are these days taking people that kinda have made it already, to another level..  
Comment by Frank Schonberg on October 6, 2011 at 2:55pm
also.. I think most people know that it's a business. but most artist need some help to get started. their product might be awesome, but they don't have the knowlegde or money to get out of the ditch. and one other smal thing.. music is art.. and it would be a sad world we live in if the business part of music should be the only thing that mater. if the only artist we get to hear are artists fitting into what we comercial music.. I know that's where the money is.. but surley there has to be room for music that has a posibility of reaching just 200,000 listeners.. not only the kind reaching 5,000 0000...
Comment by Heath Davidson on October 6, 2011 at 5:15pm
If people want to be successful in the industry whether it's the artist, musicians, songwriters, producers, they must have a superior product to market and they have to know how to market it better than the current industry professionals or they are useless. Being competitive in your own vein is crucial. I don't have to compete with a singer for a job because I'm a guitarist, but ultimately Brent Mason is taking my work. Most people that are making it are not pre-made now which is why you have artist that would bomb without auto-tune and Jefferey Steele. Lots of acts are "developed" by the label and are being directed at every step because they don't have a clue. Very few newer acts can "really" sing, hardly anyone is writing as an artist anymore, the artist have no clue what separates a good band from a great band but labels do. Because this is common knowledge among the industry every Joe Blow off the street believes they have a shot. Don't believe me? Look around just this site, they ain't hard to find. People think, "if I join the nashvilleuniverse even though I don't live in Nashville I'll be noticed and picked up". Labels are bombing everyday because they are making artist in a microwave culture. They ain't real popcorn, but they look like it, smell like it, and taste like it. The industry is failing because no one wants to work hard anymore. Ethics are out the window. There is no professional accountability anymore. People are out for the benefits of the industry and not the music. The quick dollar is in right now. And because you don't have to be real to sell it everyone wants in and it makes it harder for the REALLY GREAT artist and players to get exposure. It's about who you know, the buddy system, and that turns into the blind leading the blind, won't they fall into a pit. If someone that doesn't deserve success becomes successful will they seek people that do? Of course not, that would make them less than they already are. People can only reproduce what they are. The only thing anyone can really do is be competitive and hope it's enough. Biggest problem that I see, everyone is out for themselves. Anyone that's anywhere will tell you that a group of like minded individuals is necessary to promote any one person. I posted a discussion on this site called "What would you ask your hero" and not one person has responded in over a month. People don't really care about what I'm doing and what's worse, in my opinion I don't believe people would even care to have great advice from people that have already made it. Imagine a group of individuals working together to promote only those people in the group and no one else. A team of hard working, ethics driven people. I started it, it's called the clicke'. I will honestly tell you people love my idea and I have some people that have joined. Not one of those people ON THIS SITE are actively participating in the idea they signed up for. Lazy people want a  hand out. And my ideas really do have a great shot, already admitted by some in this discussion (you know who you are:). But people think all they have to do is believe in something. Having knowledge and applying that knowledge are very different. At the end of the day it is business as MK said below. A better business model is what is needed. Until you as an individual are ready to produce that stop complaining. Talk is cheap and nothing is free, success is expensive so the question is are you ready to pay?
Comment by Michael Kay on October 6, 2011 at 8:28pm
Great discussion! NashvilleUniverse is here to promote people that are both in Nashville and not. It brings a lot of talent to Nashville via the web and gives them a voice on the local level. Labels, producers, artists, writers and publishers can listen and meet people they would have never met. Love social media! If I lived in France I could post and be heard. Pop singer Justin B is a perfect example after his numbers on YouTube blew up and demanded attention. Last week he, Salena and the Band Perry shut down downtown Frankin to film a Christmas video fake snow and all. Yes traffic was a pain! There is a lot of talent on this site and lot of eyes and ears paying attention. In the old days labels could release several albums until the artist matured and had a hit. These days you have to hit the ground running as investors and program directors at radio need returns. It's a business.
Comment by Frank Schonberg on October 7, 2011 at 1:07am

Love this!! :) you see Heath, I made this group several moths ago.. and no one have ever said anything until this week.. but the group stayed around.. and all of a sudden we got a good discussion going here :) maybe some people think they will become a star by joining the Nashville universe. but I think most of us do it to be in every arena that we can.. the truth is, you never know where you shot may come from. by being on this site more people know that you exist now than before.. and as you said, it's all about connections. I do agree with you thou.. but I chose to believe that not all people are a******* :)

Comment by Heath Davidson on October 7, 2011 at 2:30am
I think I should clarify... I don't have a problem with legitimate songwriters and musicians joining something like this that live outside of the city, especially in a case like yours. You live overseas. What I do have an issue with is this. If major labels and other big industry people are coming to this site to find people and anyone can join and people can post whatever they want on here (I'm trying really hard not to be specific for sake of manners) AND those kind of people are being featured it gives off a very negative vibe about the content of this site which may lead to those "big fish" not wanting to swim down any deeper for the treasure that this place undoubtedly has. I don't know Frank if you have ever been to Nashville but let me tell you about a street called Broadway. It is a tourist trap specifically because of Tootsies and the Ryman which is on 5th and Broadway. There has now sprang a whole industry of other live music bar venues. Now there are some really great artist down there along with some really great players. However because of the ethics issues and lack of professional accountability that permeate down there, it draws LOTS MORE bad singers and less than professional players. Because of this "music row" thinks it is a joke and people that are on Broadway are looked down on by the rest of Nashville business because of the overwhelming ratio of unprofessional attitudes VS professional attitudes. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you are associated as a Broadway player there comes a very nasty tag you carry with you and there are lots of artist who have buried themselves down there and will never see the lights of the big stages because of the stigma. The idea that membership has it privileges is an old idea. People are so highly offended and people are so afraid of being offensive that now everyone is let in to what only a few should have access to. This site (and Broadway for that matter) is no exception. There are people on this site (and Broadway) that needs to be politely asked to leave, and then if they don't just boot em' because of the stigma that their musical product brings. People that have paid their musical dues are being forced to compete for exposure and money with people that haven't. I believe people that have paid need to start taking a stand against those who haven't because as MK so eloquently says THIS IS BUSINESS. This idea is what I am trying to promote not only here but also down there. There is two very separate intities in Nashville. The music business, and the Nashville music scene. I think it's time they sync up. Doing that will take changing peoples minds in the NMS in order to create an different perception to the music business. I do not want to see such a great place like this make bad choices when it comes to content and basically follow in Broadway's footsteps. It takes a great deal longer to fix something than it does to operate it in a healthy manner.
Comment by Frank Schonberg on October 7, 2011 at 3:32am

But don't you think that true talent is recognised.. I understand what you mean, and I agree.. but to be honest.. I couldn't care less about whoever is on here lacking talent.. I'd rather work on my music.. making my lyrics better.. becoming a better guitar player.. practice to sing better.. cause at some point, if I do that, the world can't ignore my talent.. and who ever is standing next to me (without a talent) will fall through right there and than.  not trying to come across as being stupidly high on self esteem here.. just trying to make a point :) I've been to Nashville a time or two, and let me say this.. you're absolutely right.. still.. I love that place! love the competition! love the goofy tourist side of the town! and love the songwriter venues! but most of all.. love the cold beer served upon arrival (without asking for it) at Doc Holidays :)

Comment by Michael Kay on October 7, 2011 at 12:12pm
Frank first congrats on your 6 songs. That is an accomplishment alone and I say great job! Although Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney are associated with getting their start on Broadway (and lots of others) I have heard less that perfection on Broadway walking down the street but I have also heard some amazing people perform and been to several showcases and note that Thompson Square I believe is a product of that scene. But no matter where you play and sing here (Nashville) you are doing something important, which is meeting people and growing. There are some amazing entertainers on this site and as a CMA member myself, the industry is watching and listening. Organizations like Artist On The Edge are great for getting your performance perfect for showcases! Remember that at the end of the day the industry needs new product. Taylor brings so many listeners to country music wow we are glad Scott Borchetta at Big Machine Records shared her vision. Next time you're in Nashville post it on here and we will get a group of folks together to welcome you to our wonderful city. Rockefeller said be willing to give up something good (like a steady job) to go for something great (music career). Keep swinging you have the attention you are seeking!!!


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