Howdy, I am brand new to NU.   I hope This is how I am supposed to be doing things. Also, I am a fairly new songwriter - about 2 years.  I would LOVE for anybody to listen and give me honest reviews.  I have to record everything myself - and I have no editing software or effects - or even a decent knowledge of WHAT I am doing.  But, I try.

My first and most popular song is called "Islands".  It was written after the 3rd snowstorm in 2 weeks.  I HATE cold weather (as I type this, my heat pump just failed!)

The song is on my profile.  It is also on my Revrbnation Site which is here=>:

And, don't worry about "hurting my feelings" - rip me a new one if you want!!! I want honesty - not fluff! (ok - a LITTLE fluff is ok!)

Thanks you all in advance!


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Hey Souky!

We're all ready for the Spring sunshine, aren't we!!

Cool liitle song, Souky! I like your verses a lot. However, in my opinion, your verse is a tad long and drawn out, and the fact that you used different lyrics in your second chorus would make it very difficult for your listeners to memorize the song enough to sing along with it..

The long musical interlude between the first chorus and where you come in again is also too long, unless, of course, this is your "dance mix". If I were you, though, I'd shorten that down to a simple turnaround and come right back in with your second verse..and you might want to balance the music track just a little so that one instrument is not drowning out your vocals...

Your song has a very good feel to it...very good imagery, as well. Makes me want to kick off my shoes and hit the warm sand!!

Nice work!

Linne Black


Thanks You VERY much Linne.  I love hearing anything - good or bad about my music.  It is hard to "objectively" rate one's own music!

And, frankly, my "mixes" suck.  All of my recordings suck in reality. 

I can't afford professional and I just try to do everything on a little crappy recorder with no editing or effects.  Add to that the fact that I  am also clueless about "recording engineering and sound" and you have to makings for crappy recordings!!

Thanks again, I am still trying to figure everything out here....but I will be listening and posting more songs for review asap.

have a great weekend!


Hey Souky,

It's all about the song, anyway...on forums like this, the recording/production doesn't really matter that much, and after all, you aren't auditioning for American Idol here..I was just giving you a hint as to what might be expected should you ever decide to actively "pitch" this song, or others, in hopes of getting an artist cut on your song.

The fact is, you are still in the learning process of writing, and doing a great job, at that! In retrospect, I shouldn't have even mentioned the production end of it here, and should have focused mainly on the song, which is still a work-in-progress. With that being said, I would still simply suggest shortening the chorus somewhat, and perhaps settle on a chorus with great, meaningful lyrics that are basically the same in both choruses, and that fit both verses..


Don't worry about your equipment right now as long as we can hear the song vocals above it. Your situation will improve someday, and if it makes you feel any better, a lot of us have crappy equipment, too. You arent expected to own a state-of-the-art sound studio in order to be a good writer,  and you are doing an awesome job with what you have!

My home mixes suck, too, so you aren't the Lone Ranger here..  ;)


Linne Black


Its a nice tight song. Its clear and pains a good picture. Its a well written song. I like it.




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