Sleep Clinic-A study to polysomnography:

A thorough examination to identify sleep disorders is termed polysomnography, commonly known as a sleep study or sleep clinic. During a polysomnography study, your eye and leg motions, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, respiration, and brain waves are all recorded. A sleep clinic or a hospital's sleep disorders unit can do polysomnography. Polysomnography is often conducted during the day to accommodate shift workers who generally sleep during the day. It can be utilized to start or modify your treatment strategy when you've just been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, in addition to assisting in diagnosing sleep disorders.

Polysomnography tracks the phases and cycles of your sleep to determine if, when, and why you’re sleeping habits are disturbed. Home polysomnography devices come in a variety of designs and modifications. They often keep track of your heart rate, oxygen levels, respiratory rate, and circulation. One technique additionally includes data on blood vessel tone. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep is the first stage of the typical sleeping process. Your brain waves slow down noticeably during this phase, as shown by an electroencephalogram (EEG).

In opposition to subsequent sleep phases, your eyes do not move quickly back and forth throughout NREM. Your brain resumes activity after this for an hour or two of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, and REM sleep starts. The majority of dreams happen during REM sleep. On a typical night, you experience several sleep cycles, alternating between NREM and REM sleep every 90 minutes. Sleep disorders may hamper this sleep process.

Nevertheless, despite its widespread prevalence and correlation with other severe health disorders, sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is still not well recognized by the health sector, healthcare professionals, and patients. Only Brazil and Colombia have official registration for sleep clinics, and only Brazil's polysomnography has scientific society certification.

The "Brazilian Sleep Association" promotes programs, congresses, seminars, and panel discussions on topics relevant to the field to advance initiatives for the sleep science and its disorders and promote its members' scientific and technological advancement. It draws together every sleep researcher in Brazil, including those working in primary experimental fields, biotechnologists, polysomnography technicians, physical therapists, speech and language therapists, mental health professionals, dentists, and physicians. It is profoundly diverse from the start, and the number of specialists involved in society keeps expanding.

If you think you’re suffering from any sleep disorders, then don’t worry! We are here for you. Brazilian polysomnography is an easy getaway to treat your sleep disorders. We also offer home polysomnography services so that you can become comfortable and aid in your feasibility. So if you’re looking for polysomnography, we are the best option for you!

Most people cannot self-diagnose their sleep disorders since they are unaware they have one. Polysomnography is crucial because of this. Individuals can't comprehend why they aren't sleeping well and how to address the issue without undergoing a thorough sleep study. Following a PSG, medical professionals can guide patients through the various forms of treatment. Polysomnography may be the most effective option if you are having problems falling asleep or are feeling exhausted when you wake up. Your sleep condition must be identified as soon as possible. Once a sleep issue has been identified, the appropriate treatments can be used.

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