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CD Review of “Gone America” by Mike O´ Donoghue

Irish style ballads, combined with folk music and the well-known country style.

Melodic, harmonious, beautiful songs, Irish style predominates and makes the whole thing into a beautiful arrangement of ballads. These songs are wonderfully combined with Irish Folk music and a certain country music style. You can feel the uniqueness with the music and attachment to the songs and where the heart of the artist is. 

Mike O 'Donoghue …


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Review of “Mind over Matter” by Scott Sharp

1. Ghost Town – beautiful song

2. Little Elvis in his soul – swinging

3. Mind over Matter – real good one 

4. Between the pictures – smooth, very nice song/ remembers me of the old country songs

5. Greatest Music never heard - emotional

6. Bayou Banshee – expressive

7. Irish Angel – very nice song

8. I´m the one – rocking…


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Review of the song "Love is so right" by Sheila Clark

This is a wonderful song of my close friend Sheila Clark, she made it specially for her husband JR, for their wedding day, to show him how much he mean to her and how much she loves him. It is a very nice song, showing so much emotions and the love to her husband. The feelings and contentedness, that held both together and the tremendously magic between them, it will follow their love until eternity. Sheila made the right decision to record…


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Fair -Play - Country - Music

FAIR-PLAY-COUNTRY-MUSIC ... like to help independent artists & entertainer with no mayor contracts. WE ARE NOT HERE FOR COUNTRY LEGENDS OR CELEBRITY, WE ARE HERE FOR THOSE TO BECOME FAMOUS. We build a bridge between producer, record-studios, radio-stations and much more, to help you on your way – for free! There will be always people you can ask for an advice how to manage your career.

To think fair minded - has scarcity value and…


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My first moments in country music......followed me until today...

My first steps in country music has been in the 80th....we went on a country event in Holland...You may not know them was Ben Stenneker and the Mayor Dundee Band,they had there performance that night.I was sitting there and thought:"Oh my Goodness, this is for old people, not for me!"But then they where singing songs,  I start liking and then I started country line dance, first under instruction and then I was the Instructor myself, had my exams at the NTA(National Teachers…


Added by Gaby Agrikola on February 12, 2014 at 8:01am — No Comments word and it sets the world on fire...........

If I watch the videos here and in other groups, I see so many people struggling to make it in the music scene...They are so good and work so all they can and all they have to follow there dreams. Then I´am thinking -  where are the producer, or the talent hunters????Why don´t they see these talents????

I which that more people would walk around with open eyes and ears, so they see ......real talent in a wink...But maybe it is because so many people got amazing…


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Amazing Talents on Nashville Universe

I´am speechless and that is a miracle to get me that There are so many talented people here - I can´t find any words anymore for so much talent.I have seen a lot of country singer, I can´t understand that you guys and girls with this wonderful talent not be a superstar right now.I have never ever seen so much talent on a spot like is amazing...I love you is so difficult to find a personal word for each of you, because you all so good and if I was a jury, I…


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Give yourself a break

In all you good work in country music, don´t forgot to give yourself some time to rest a while.Otherwise you get burned out, like so many people.I know you have a lot to do, running around, making you cd´s, promoting, writing and a lot more, but you body tells you to have a break sometimes...Enough is enough and you can´t do everything by yourself.Now most of you country singer are young and full of energy, but even young people could get a burn out.The recovering is mostly over a long…


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My first song

Last night I went to bed and suddenly I had some rhymes in my head.So Peter, my husband gave me a pen and a paper and I wrote some words down.This morning I did the rest, in 10 minutes  - it was finished.I asked two countrysinger, what they thought about it.They liked it, so I ask my friends in the two record studios - they liked it too. I lenjoy it - I have a lot more rhymes in my head, ready to come out and be eternalized on paper...I guess I´am a songwriter now...or is it a wishful…


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Connections in europe

Save connections in the german country scene are Music Production · Bands & Musician Old Rockin' Chair Music Label it belongs to Eleftherios Mavros and for AHA records, it belongs to Thorsten Fabian..They are real nice guys and they are fairplayers of any aspect. 

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A new Beginning

It is very nice to meet so many gifted people over here. We have a lot of talented people in europe too, but you can´t compare it, it is different. In europe , they are not accustom to the shows you deliever in your videos. We have some exceptions like Amber Jo Ann in Holland and Barabara Portland in Germany they would match in the american country scene perfectly. I hope I meet many songwriters, singer, fans...evrybody..I like people...I love the american country music and I love your…


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