A great FREE way to get targeted fans - and more re-tweets

Create a free http://paper.li/ account! It's that simple!

Paper.li is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.

I created several - each with a different goal - and they all produce the exact results I wanted.

First, there are name brand acts we all know and follow, but they don't follow us back. So I created a Country Voices paper at http://paper.li/BillyKayMusic/1315919048#

Country Voices is out! bit.ly/nwG4iB ▸ Top stories today via @MarkChesnut

What I did was I created a LIST with Twitter with all the superstars I wish would call me at home - LOL. Everytime these people tweet, paper.li takes note, categorizes it and every day it sorts, edits and publishes a paper daily.

Every so often a superstar retweets it and adds" Thanks Billy" to the re-tweet. So I KNOW they know I exist. And any fan that follows (in this example) Mark Chestnut, also retweets and/or follows me.

I also set one up for Music bloggers, writers and industry folk.

Country Music Bloggers is out! bit.ly/pBLUmC ▸ Top stories today via @TodaysCountry

Again, all I did was make a list from Twitter of people who I wish would spend their whole day writing about ME instead of Lady Antebellum (LOL), and those people then mention me, follow me... as do their followers.

Even though in my examples, only Mark Chestnut is mentioned, there were probably 30 people mentioned in that edition - all of whom were notified by twitter. Do the math and you'll see how many people saw your name. Each day. Every day.

I'll mention one more. Of the hundreds of people you're friends with on Twitter, you really only talk to about 2 dozen. I made a paper.li about them. People love to see their name in print. And paper.li puts what your friends say in a professional format that makes everyone look important.

I can't use a real example, as these folks are my friends. But if "Friend A" tweets "My new song is out"... big deal. We all do that.

If I re-tweet his post because we're friends... big deal, we all do that.

But if that same post shows up the next day in a paper.li newspaper... it takes on an air of importance that everyone wants to retweet.

If you don't want to actually make a list with Twitter, it also gives you the option of targeting keywords in every tweet. Use "pedal steel guitar" if you want to create a daily newspaper about steel players.

It's a great tool - and it's totally free. Hope this helps the Nashville Universe folks!

Two important tips:

1. Make your list private! If you add Blake Shelton to your list called "Big celebs I'll be using to help jump-start my own career", Blake would actually get a notification saying that if it were a public twitter list :)

2. Choose the name of your paper carefully. I show up on newspapers called "Todds Friends" or "Smart People that Vinny Knows". You want complete strangers to click the link, so choose a name like "Country Voices" - but NOT that one, as I called it already :)

All My Best,

Billy Kay

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