Yesterday afternoon, I drove out to Clarksville for a wrestling match. Two teenage girls rode with me as they are kinda sweet on my boys so they wanted to go watch. On the way there, one of the girls started asking me questions on how to become famous, how to get a fan base and my favorite, "how do I put up a Youtube video and get famous like Justin Bieber?"

First thing I told them was I wished I knew a "secret formula" or means to becoming a big name in this industry, however, the only way I know is hard work. Playing out every chance you get, networking, and honing your skills. As far as the instant fame of youtube, the chances of that are very slim, I believe Youtube is a great tool to stay in touch with fans, to gain more fans and to keep you name and face in front of folks. I am not counting on YT to make me famous. Can it happen? Sure, but I told her that I wouldn't count on that.

So, what can we count on in this business? It is a hard road and one not for the faint of heart. Unless you have a butt-load of money (If you do, please message me) you'll need to work a "regular" job to make a living, then live off of very little sleep, smile, engage, be energetic and give everything you have each and every performance. You can count on hearing "no, not interested" hundreds and hundreds of times and you must learn to not take that personally. You can count on being stabbed in the back, sometimes by people you though were your friends. You can count on being disappointed because you prepared and worked your butt off getting ready for a gig to show up and find the venue forgot about you and double booked. You can count on at least one mean and obnoxious drunk yelling at you that you suck. You can count on some gigs just not going well and others going great.

So why do we do it? I can't answer for everyone but here is a little insight into why I do it. I love music. I love performing, the instant gratification of seeing a crowd following right along with you. Seeing the smiles the thumbs up and the raw emotion. I do it, because I have a dream of making in this industry and the dream includes being able to provide a better life for my family. I do it, because I believe in my dream and believe God gave me a talent and I want to use it to the best of my ability. For the the words in the parable about the stewards who were entrusted with the talents are what I want to hear, "Well done, thou good and faithful steward." I also do it because for me as a lover of music, I hope I can provide others with the joy that I feel when I hear good music. And hear is a little confession, I do it because I like the attention. Come on, be honest, there is a part of each performer that is a little narcissistic we like praise and I'm not any different.

Well... just some thoughts and reflection from a drive with two very enthusiastic teenage girls. I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

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Comment by Sara Ann on January 8, 2014 at 7:35am

I am a teenage girl, I loved reading your reflections...thank you for sharing.  Music is my life...I can work through every emotion (happy, sad, angry, hurt, feeling betrayed...) with music!  I love to perform, I love to see the faces looking at me as I sing, I like to make people happy.  And yes, I too like the attention. ;-)  Even though I am only 14, I have been through a lot of what you spoke of,  (well, not the angry drunk part, not yet anyway), and I agree, you will hear NO, NOT INTERESTED many many times...but I feel that for every NO I get, I am that much closer to a YES... I want to let everyone know, that no matter what your talent and passion is, follow your dream, because only you can make your dreams come true!  Thank you Doug Briney for your wonderful thoughts, I really enjoyed them.  Have a Blessed day!  <3 Sara Ann 



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