Well... I've played this venue before here in Indiana, the last time, they rocked the promotion and so did I.  We had a full house.  Tonight, I showed up, I've been promoting the show on my FB page and webpage, but when I pulled in no cars, no fliers, nothing to show there was a show tonight.  I went in and checked in with the manager, the owner wasn't in. The manager said, "Oh ya, I wasn't sure if you were really booked tonight or not.  I talked with ____ the owner and he thought he booked you but he wasn't for sure."  The manager had seen the posts on FB and had received a call from my manager but there was nothing on the calendar.  

So, here is what I learned or rather relearned tonight.  Follow up on all bookings.  As a result of zero promotion on the venues part, I played for a pretty empty room.  10 folks, not including the staff.  

Well, another thing I had to work at tonight, was still putting it all out there.  Even though there was only a handful of people, I gave it everything.  Why, well, I made a few new fans tonight.  I also was able to book another date with the manager.  He will promote it better next go around, but he was very glad that I wasn't upset and still wanted to come back.  His words, "I've worked doing this for a while now Doug, thank you. Most of the time we get it right and promote, promote, promote but this isn't the first time we've messed up.  The last time the artist nearly refused to set up because it was empty.  Then he obviously didn't want to perform.  You rocked it!  Thank you."  

I tell all that not to toot my own horn, but to share what I'm learning.

1. Follow Up

2. Play and sing your heart out always!

3. Be understanding, mistakes happen and you've made them too.

4. Don't leave without thanking the venue and letting them know you'd like to play again.  then.... #1

Thanks for reading more ramblings from a guy who is learning.

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Comment by Terri Matern on November 6, 2014 at 7:55am

Great post. We're always learning and growing as artists, and the day you stop is the day you should throw in the towel and quit. Thank you for sharing this post with us! - Terri Matern



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