Well, I now have Skype. I have actually had it before, but it was so my grandma could Skype with my cousin who lives in Florida. I'm taking a musicianship class and am hoping that will help me to put melody to music, making it easier for co-writing. I set up Skype so that I can co-write with anybody anywhere. I'm not so sure how I feel about people I don't know seeing me up close and personal on a computer screen, but I really want to get into co-writing more and need it. So, if you co-write with me by Skype, sorry ya gotta look at my mug. I may be nice and pull my hair up and put some makeup on for ya so it's not so bad. LOL

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Comment by Stephanie DeWitt on March 30, 2014 at 10:53am

I should probably add my Skype username if anybody wants to Skype, but please email me first as I probably won't have it on 24/7. My Skype username is stephanie.dewitt.songwriting and my email is stephaniedewittsongwriting@gmail.com. Or you can message me here. I am co-writing with a couple of people now and once those songs are done and as soon as we are able, I will post them here so you can see how I write. I only have one video listed here that relates to my lyric writing, but I'm getting there. lol



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