What inspires you to write? Is it real life ventures or just daydreams. I've written a few good songs but I don't claim to be a writer by any means. My writing came from an event in my life. God Bless you all for writing beautiful songs that touch all our hearts.

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Comment by Jesse Xavier on November 26, 2013 at 12:50am

Money inspires me   even a one hit wonder..My Wife has two brain aneurisms and i have no insurance.i am also a disabled IRON WORKER who just does not make enough in case something happens to her again....as far as writing,,it just happens..but if you listen to the words on most of them..they are all to my wife..just worded to hide that fact..sometimes someone will say something i over here in a super market..t.v..even other songs grant me ideas..but inspiration i already have..the money part to sell is what it is about for me.. i am a composer..i am my own studio musician.i do everything my self..producing,arrangements..engineer..vocals..writing..marketing.  .i only have a cheap studio at home and i record to put out demo`s hoping to find  someone who is established that will to take a chance on them and record em.I write all genre`s..i am knocking on all doors..i have country songs to had on this site but for the mean i posted the cd i wrote for  rock..pop..blues..easy listening...a few are getting real radio air time here and in Canada and south Dakota..and i have sold a few..but i know if i can find the right singer who is already with a studio and their producer..thats why i am here..to help me help my wife and make someone else famous and win me a Grammy..my true inspiration ..good luck to you and all us writers..And i hope to see you at the top..

Comment by Melinda Bush on November 4, 2013 at 12:54pm

i have a lot of things that inspire me to write things ive been through in the past things i hope for the future the way im feeling at a certain moment sometimes i can just being sitting around and a song and melody will just come to me like its gods way of telling me write this song it could be a big hit for u one day i believe music is where im meant to be i believe god gave me this gift to share and i want to do this for him as well as my family and myself.

Comment by LC Music Management on October 29, 2013 at 1:39pm

Joseph, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I really enjoy talking with writers and musicians. They seem to have a different outlook on the world and how it should be. Not even a political outlook but more of a peaceful outlook of love and happiness. If only the world could see through your eyes and the eyes of songwriters and musicians maybe, Just maybe it would be a different place. Full of great music and love and happiness. Music heals the soul in so many ways, From broken relationships to losing someone to death to the perfect wedding song to the one song you keep hearing when you first realize you are in love to the hate song when you are not in love anymore lol. Even as simple and sweet of a newborn baby just brought home from the hospital to it's new bed and the sleep time music. Someone very talented composed that so sweet that it makes a baby fall fast asleep. Thank God for all the beautiful songwriters! I can't imagine a world without music!



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