When I first started out in the music business, I believed that someone was going to walk through a door where I was performing and make me a star *. As I grew older, I started to face the reality that a minute percentage of the musicians and artists who have that dream, actually accomplish their goal.

So what is left? The answer is realizing that being a star is secondary to expressing your soul and releasing from your spirit an energy, which is given to a very small percentage of the public.

If you hone your craft, then you will draw the public to your front door.  I will then guarantee you; the music industry will be standing right behind them trying to figure out how to make a buck off of your talent.

Dreams are everyday realities of the heart that a person tries to pursue and there is no one way to strategize success. Success to some is not the same as it is to others, and somewhere down the path of music you will have to make a decision as to what, in your particular situation, gives you lifelong satisfaction.

I have walked many music genres and I have followed many paths, some were headed for destruction where I would have laid down my music for good because I was letting someone else control who I was.

So I say to you: Define your own path with straight-ahead thinking and take advantage of the sustaining energy of your youth.


Ronnie Dean      www.nashvillesidestreets.com

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